Best NEW Android games from September 2021

NEW Android games is improving each month it appears and there is consistently a huge number of new titles coming to Google Play. Regardless of whether you’re a relaxed gamer or you need something with a smidgen more meat on its bones, there’s normally a game coming out to suit everybody’s taste. A few months are superior to other people, however there is normally somewhere around one extraordinary new game on versatile consistently. We should investigate the best new Android games from the last month!

NEW Android games


Beatstar is another cadence game. It plays like numerous other beat games. You utilize a mix of taps and swipes to hit the notes as they play. Beatstar utilizes a three-path arrangement so you can play with your initial three fingers. The specialty with Beatstar is the utilization of pop hits instead of arbitrary techno beats. You can play famous melodies by an assortment of craftsmen. As you play, you open plunder chests with different things in them. You can’t play if your container spaces are full and we’re not huge enthusiasts of that bottleneck. In any case, it’s a decent versatile cadence game that stacks up well to its rivals.

Final Fantasy IV

Last Fantasy IV is the second remaster of the game for cell phones. The originally was the 3D remaster and presently this one, which is a 2D pixel remaster. Square Enix modernized the game a lot with smoother movements, better quality pixel workmanship, and other little contacts like higher drop rates for very uncommon things. What’s more, there are some versatile control contrasts, similar to a tap-to-move work and an auto-fight framework. Not at all like the 3D remaster, has this appeared to follow the SNES form of the game. That implies it’s quicker and simpler to play through. There isn’t regulator support, one of a couple of sensitive areas on a generally cleaned insight. I didn’t encounter any of the bugs I read about, however there are sufficient grumblings to say that they’re there. It’s somewhat pricy and the pixel craftsmanship is the subject of discussion for certain fanatics of the game. It’s generally a decent by and large experience.

The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia

The Heroic Legend of Eagarlnia is a terrific procedure game. For the people who don’t have a clue, a stupendous technique game is a city the executives test system where you overwatch a whole city. Players are entrusted with the work of running an entire city. That incorporates appointing laborers to perform obligations, lead campaigns for relics and weapons, get saints for use in war, and other stuff. There is a story and it’s really surprisingly good. The world has five distinct races, an assortment of troop types, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. In the end, you’ll work on vanquishing the world. The game runs for $4.99 with no in-application buys or advertisements. This is one of those exceptional games that will not get as many downloads as it merits.

MARVEL Future Revolution

Wonder Future Revolution is an open-world activity RPG. It’s fundamentally and MMORPG. Players leave on a lot of missions, investigate an open world, and draw in with a lot of NPCs. The battle framework is somewhat exhausting as a large portion of it is possible with auto-fight. The game compensates for it with respectable community play, great illustrations, and smooth movements (generally). The game is amusing to play as a period killer, yet doesn’t bring a similar appeal as a decent MMORPG. As such, it’s fine as long for a few, however perhaps for nobody else. The greatest objection is the microtransactions. The game urges players to purchase stuff vigorously, habitually, and early. That is not a decent look so ideally engineers tune that before individuals disregard this game.

Mega Man X Dive Mobile

Mega Man X Dive Mobile is a 2D platformer and shooter actually like most other Mega Man games. It highlights smooth designs, adjustable controls, and surprisingly a community story mode. There is likewise online PvP, however the matchmaking framework is really quite awful. In any case, the game is quite charming. It seems and appears as though a Mega Man game. There are numerous characters you can decide to play with and there is even regulator support assuming you need it. The game requires a significant stretch of time to play because of the long granulate you see in generally allowed to-mess around. It is imperfect, yet none of them are too terrible aside from perhaps the previously mentioned PvP.

Murders on Budapest

Murders on Budapest is the most recent game from Buff Studio, engineer of Buff Knight, 7Days, and Underworld Office. This one is a secret game with visual novel and puzzle components. There is a homicide and you should discover who did it. The activities and decisions you make direct the progression of the game. There are additionally various endings dependent on how you play. The controls in the game are genuinely straightforward. You’ll invest most of your energy taking a gander at pictures and understanding text. Clearly, those searching for an exceptional game will not partake in this one. The individuals who partake in a quieter, story-driven secret, then again, ought to partake in this a lot. The game plays fine. The vast majority of the objections are about the game’s advertisements, however you can eliminate them by purchasing the top notch rendition.


Northgard is a system game with some endurance game components. Players end up on the shores of Northgard, a threatening spot with cruel winters. You should endure the components, assemble a base to safeguard against miscreants, and grow your sprouting domain. The game has 11 sections in the story and six tribes to play with. There are additionally accomplishments, cloud saving, and the magnificent experience of having no microtransactions since this is a superior game. The UI is respectable, if a little confined on more modest screens. It additionally will in general be somewhat uneven and laggy on lower-end gadgets. The engineer is adding an ever increasing number of enhancements so it’s in reality much preferred now over it was at dispatch.

Purrfect Tale

Purrfect Tale is a visual novel game. It includes a cutesy story of your feline transforming into a human. There is an adoration sparkle there and things progress as needs be. Like most visual books, the choices you make influence how things work out in the game. Generally, you’ll settle on exchange choices and doing things like picking what to wear. There is essentially no test to this game which is fine. Few out of every odd game should be brimming with activity. The game is a piece laggy, even on more up to date gadgets. The engineers most certainly need to enhance and crush messes with a smidgen. It’s not all that awful in case you’re into cutesy stuff.

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